Manifested Service – Fragile

Due to the nature of the live lobsters, crabs and crustaceans and the fact that we wish to cause no undue stress or harm, we require all consignments containing these invertebrates to be manifested on the Fragile service whereby they are hand sorted and not subjected to automated machinery.  This is a minimum requirement from Monday 14th June 2021.


To ensure the safe transportation of this product type, please ensure your customers are made aware of the “best practice” requirements below:

  • Ensure that they are fit and healthy to travel and are suitably packaged in a solid leak proof container which has sufficient space for the contents.
  • There are various options for keeping the live lobsters, crabs and crustaceans suitably cool by using items such as cooling gel packs, reusable ice packs and/or insulating packaging such as foil.
  • Whilst packaging invertebrates, ensure that they are not only kept cool but they are also provided with a dark and damp environment such as wrapping them in damp newspaper or seaweed.
  • Please use the fragile labels (code APC045) and fragile tape (code APC044) available from PDS.  It is also advisable to have additional markings such as “This Way Up”, “Handle with Care” and “Live Contents”.
  • Please advise customers that when sending live lobsters, crabs and crustaceans that they need to package and protect their goods for at least 48 hours.
  • Customers must never use loose ice or dry ice. This may cause harm to the invertebrate.

It is also worth reminding shipping customers that the APC network does not have refrigeration in the event of any delays.

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